Friday, 23 December 2011

Golden Pints

So here we go then! Of course my top bar is always North and my beer of the year is Little Jim BUT I'm not gonna vote for meself am I?

Best UK Draught (Cask or Keg) Beer
Winner: Redemption Big Chief
Runner up:Thornbridge/Kernel: Burton Ale

Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer
Runner up: Buxton Axe Edge

Best Overseas Draught Beer
Winner: Sierra Celebration 2011 (Best ever! Lovely jammy swiss roll going on in there!) 
Runner up: Uinta Labyrinth

Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer
Runner up: Anderson Valley Hopottin IPA - best case purchase.

Best Pumpclip or Label
Winner: Magic Rock (any)

Best UK Brewery
Winner: Magic Rock - Never seen anyone hit the ground running so hard. They've set out a whole new way to open a UK brewery.
Runner up: Marble - still dope - for the Belgians especially and letting me clean the kettle...

Best Overseas Brewery
Winner: Brooklyn (watch this space)
Runner up: BrewFist (watch this space > f'kin spaceman!)

Pub/Bar of the Year
Runner up: The Sparrow
Not in the North of England: Brasserie 4:20 (thanks to the Roma cigar club!)

Beer Festival of the Year
Runner up:Leeds Pudsey

Supermarket of the Year
Winner: I'm not playing
Runner up:M&S (nearest my house)

Independent Retailer of the Year
Winner:Beer Ritz
Runner up: Latitude Wine 

Online Retailer of the Year
Runner up:Beermerchants

Best Beer Book or Magazine

Best Beer Blog or Website
Winner: The Good Stuff - Mr Avery put it best - 'statesmanlike'
Runner up: Hopzine - love the tasting vids

Best Beer Twitterer
Runner up: Beer Prole

Best Online Brewery Presence
Winner: Magic Rock
Runner up: Brewdog¬!

Food and Beer Pairing of the Year
Winner: Imperial Stout & Salt
Runner up: Grated cheddar sandwich, proper thick cut bread, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, tobasco sauce & Sam Smith's Nut Brown ale.

In 2012 I'd Most Like To:
Get published more.

Open Catagory
Top three British brewers to watch in 2012
1. Andy Smith (Redemption)
2. Colin Stronge (Black Isle)
3. Stuart Ross (Magic Rock)


  1. (what you wrote last year)
    "Crown's Brooklyn heights is also been an utter winner this year - now this is no lie - I haven't heard anyone mention this wonderful bright hoppy ale without waxing lyrical about its brilliance. SERIOUSLY! Good fucking work Stu, please someone get this man a bigger brewery!"

    they did!!!!!!


  2. Matt - thanks so much. Lovely christmas prezzie, and that must be the first time TGS has been referred to as 'Statesmanlike'....!

  3. I KNOW!!! Fucking brill mate - really looking forward to the next year, bearded lady is a masterpiece and I'm currently drinking a cannonball - quaffable as hell!

    Well done mate - you deserve every success. As does everyone else at the brewery. Keep on!

  4. It's BREWFIST, not beerfist...amateur

  5. Ha! Fuck you Jim! That's what I put! See... You can see it right there in orange and black... I've even got a bottle in the 'archives'