Sunday, 29 January 2012

Charts - Sour Beer

Oh dammit! I knew I'd come a cropper somewhere on this, 'Sour' just covers beers with sourness, beers made with some prescence of wild yeast. So that ranges from Fruit beers all the way to Gueuze and Flemish Red... Here we go, I make no excuses. There is no way this can ever be a complete list - but then that's not exactly the point...

1. Drie Fonteinen - Any Oude gueuze. Consistently just so very, very good. Incredibly complex, insane length, just brilliant I want one now! 
2. New Glarus - Belgian Red. The most cherry beer!
3. Liefmans - Goudenband Drink it, age it, make Carbonnade flamande with it.
4. Drie Fonteinen - Kriek. See above, add cherries.
5. Lindemans - Cuvée René - one of the best places to start for a beginner. Hits every taste bud, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami!
6. Leifmans - Frambozen (why did they retire it? FFS!)
8. Cantillon - Iris, fresh hops in Lambic? Equals Lemony delightfullness!
9. Verhaghe - Vichtenaar. Duchesse De Bourgogne's lesser known more quaffable brother.
10. Rodenbach - Barrel Land!

Lambic and sour beer is consistently one of the most surprisingly wonderful and ethereal experiences available to you - the beer drinker. If you don't like it, drink it until you do and then thank me for making you do it.



  1. Hanssens Gueuze does it for me every time. Plus:

    1. Verhaeghe Echt Kriekenbier (whole cherries steeped in aged brown ale)
    2. Cuvee De Ranke (pale ale/lambic blend)
    3. Mikkeller Spontan(insert name of fruit here)

  2. Big fan of both Echt & De Ranke, have not been massively impressed by Mikkeller lambics at all tho - all seem to me a little all over the place, like very many of their beers!

  3. Well I know Mikkeller can be a mixed bag but I have been very impressed by their sour beers which clearly have a big slug of lambic in them - the Grape and Redcurrant particularly stand out for me.