Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ok, here's an idea that I've nicked off my good friend Nick Frizzell who is a music producer, DJ and music blogger.  His blog is lovely and he occasionally produces the odd chart. Not a chart in the top of the pops sense, but a chart of what he thinks is good at the time he is writing.

It's a great way to recommend new music.

So I'm going to give it a go for beer, I'll go a step further and give the charts an occasional theme, the idea being that it's not necessarily number 1 that is the best, more that it's just the one in the forefront of my mind at the time of writing. So a simple list of recommendations and acknowledgement of what I think great beer is, it's pretty personal of course and perhaps may just be for my own benefit in getting the constantly changing list in my head down on digital paper. Who fucking knows eh?

I'll mix up the links  so fell free to click em all, and I hope that you'll find something new to try or something you didn't know about these beers. Either way I invite comments and discussions in any form...

Of course...;|)

All time favourites...
1. Orval
2. Westveleteren 8
3. Flying Dog/In de Wildeman - Farmhouse IPA
4. Brewdog/Mikkeller - I hardcore you
5. Zinnebir
6. Unita - Labrinth
7. Schlenkerla Eiche
8. Stone Ruination IPA
9. Marble Dubbel
10. Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock

*easier than I thought


  1. Quite a European selection there, me old chap. I'll whisper it, but Orval's probably my favourite, too. Nice idea, i may try it* myself soon...

    *rip it off.

  2. Where's the Alice Porter?

  3. Lists are tough, not sure I could pick a top ten, ten isn't enough!

    Right now I wish I could get Brooklyn Blast.

  4. It's nice to get em down, I'm always saying that one beer or another is vaguely in a top ten of some kind. Just figured it's probably worth a throw.

    Leigh I don't think it's me you'll be ripping off!

    Ade - well you never know on the blast...

    I do know however ;)