Wednesday, 6 July 2011

vice Versa


US beerfest time at North - I'm currently musing over an arrogant bastard whilst musing over an incredibly successful Tuesday night whilst musing over the fact that beer interest is so high at the moment.

Why, even the mainstream press are writing about it!

Even... People in London are in to it!!!!
It's funny how the US kinda gave us back our beer culture.

Now I'm not under-doing the sterling work UK brewers and UK beer types have put in BUT the proliferation of beer, beer bars, beer interest and the explosion of enthusiasm in all beery walks of life has been stoked by the influx of new thinking from the US, and it isn't just the UK that's feeling it.

Look at any of our exciting breweries and you'll see at least one world class beer being made and I bet you a dollar that it's got some American hops in it. When the US got serious about hops they found that what they were growing contained new flavours; brighter, sharper, more resinous and more bracing flavours. They also did what the US does best and gave us more variety, way more variety.

Eat it up - I'm not shitting you and I'll challenge anyone to give me a better explanation.

It's led to a rediscovery of styles. We were so complacent as to almost forget some of the UK's most brilliant beverages, but the US has been directly responsible for the rehabilitation of IPA and Imperial Stout. Also they've lovingly delved through The Worlds back catalogue and revived so bloody much and, very importantly, they've adapted them in to influential new styles.
You likes a double IPA? I fucking do too!


Raise a glass, I know you will.

This post is dedicated to Ghost Drinker coz he remembrered me to write somat...


  1. What sort of a difference to the taste of a brew do things like temperature, bubliness (this sort of thing - make?
    In your opinion for example, does a Fosters that is a bit more gassy taste better or worse? Can things like this change your opinion of a pub, or is a Carling the same wherever you go?

  2. Well Will a fosters will always taste shite regardless, and that's being kind. I think the issue around perfect serves is somewhat of a distraction, the product is paramount - worry about the serve when the pub has the integrity to avoid purchasing the bad beer.