Friday, 4 December 2009

A punk and a curry

I'm on my break which gives me just enough time to have a quick go...

What's best with curry then? Lager most would say, the more knowledgabel might point you in the direction of a nice Burton-esque IPA. I'd agree with both of these, keeping my fingers crossed that the lager would be decent stuff (follow the Reinheitsgebot and you shouldn't go to far wrong) and the IPA is as hoppy as you can get hold of.
Whilst the classic IPA's of Burton are, on the whole, fantastic and moreover 'the originals'. The hop profile has been eclipsed in recent years by US brewers and their IPA's and doubles. Let me say now that the first time I had Double Dog I changed my staff training from...

"America does some amazing copies of various brewing styles across the world."


"America makes every style of beer, but the one which is truly their own is the ultra hoppy IPA."

So taking this all right back, British IPA goes great with a curry, what goes even better is an even hoppier style. There's something about that resinous bitterness from the US or NZ that balances spiciness and wins through the flavour onslaught that is Curry!
So tonight in honour of the marvellous yet ridiculous Brewdog saga I'm revisiting PUNK IPA and washing it down with a top lamb curry from no other than Zam Zam which is across the road from North... Punk is the perfect foil to something a bit spicy, there's grapefruit and astringency but to me there seems a soft body to the beer that helps it slip down nicely. It balances the heat of the curry really well and doesn't taste acrid like some other drinks do when faced with a touch of spice...

Anyhow - back to work

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